What happens at Allbreed Grooming Academy Ltd?

It's common for customers to ask us a handful of questions regarding the services which we provide here at Allbreed. Due to this we have provided this section of the website which is dedicated to providing you with all the frequently asked questions we get.

I am bringing my pet to you, is she/he safe?

All dogs in our care are perfectly safe, we have procedures in place should your pet fall ill or in case of a fire. We are fully insured for any accidents which may happen during the stay, including public liability for our customers. All of our equipment is designed for purpose and comes from trusted suppliers. We only use hypoallergenic shampoos which have been approved for use and carry no risk to yourself or your pet.

My dog is heavily matted, what will happen?

We take great care of dogs who have a matted coat, however it is not always possible to remove them without damaging the coat. Due to this, heavily matted dogs may receive a slightly higher fee due to the extra time and equipment needed to groom these dogs. You should be aware that as we remove the matted coat our shaving blades will be close to the skin and this may cause a slight irritation.

Where and how does this grooming happen?

All the grooming takes place in our new accommodation which we customised to suit our needs. We have multiple warm water baths which give your dog a better grooming experience along with electric grooming tables and other grooming tools that are needed to complete a comprehensive grooming.

dog grooming
dog grooming

If you have a question for us please don't hesitate to call the team on
01384 483 617 / 07966 257 180

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